Thursday, 3 July 2014

5th Year Anniversary

We grew up in the same small Ipoh town. I’m pretty sure we’ve bumped into each other more than a few times when we were little. I went to the same kindergarten as your brother and even performed on stage with him. How ironic thinking that you were there watching me sing and dance not knowing that I was going to be your life partner. We might have looked at each other eye to eye and may have even held hands. How sweet it would be if those moments were captured for us to look back and laugh about it. I would frame it and hang it on our wall for sure.

As we grew up, you were in an all-boys school and I was in all-girls school, St Michael Institution and SM Convent Ipoh to be precise. We definitely never see each other during our school days except when I did my form 6 in your school. The number of girls was limited there, so I’d say all of us were the limelight of the school for a while. LOL. Too bad you were not there as you went to SM Teknik. You were still attached to the school though and we actually went camping together with Persatuan Kadet Remaja Sekolah. I even snapped your picture without realising you were there. We never noticed each other too. I bet both of us were pretty ugly during our school days, sun burned, acne covered and all.

Then we grew up separated from each other. We met again as we were called to be the facilitator for St Michael Institution students in UiTM Seri Iskandar. Only then we noticed each other. You were the photographer and I realised that you were aiming the camera at me most of the time (so perasan gone case..LOL). But yes, my face was in most of the pictures taken (so not so perasan was I?).  We even had a picture together back then. Alas, a couple we were.

We were separated again for almost 3 years with no contact at all. You had a couple of other love stories and I had one while we were apart (what we call ‘cinta monyet’..yes..monyet sgt!..hahaha) No biggie, I’m open up to being friends with all of them. We started contacting each other again when both of us had a job of our own and the rest was history.

I’m yours and you’re mine now. After exactly 5 years of marriage, we’re blessed with 3 beautiful boys (yes, their beauty came from you. LOL) But of course, where else would they get it from? I’m reminded of you every second of my life in every breath that I take. I hope that we will still be soooo in love with each other till Jannah. InsyaAllah. May Allah bless our marriage forever and ever. Let’s hold hands and walk through tough times together as we did all this while. All I know is, I’m so in love with you. Thank you for being the greatest husband and the greatest daddy. Our children simply adore you. Happy 5th Anniversary Abang! 


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